This was probably one of my first real love affairs with MTV, it aired one summer while I was at school, only it was sixth form, so I never really did anything except read some books and pretend to not fall asleep at my desk. I spent most of the time at home, in my pajamas, flopped over the sofa, watching Rich Girls, hours and hours and hours, of their wealthy shenanigans.

Gals gosta have a tampon bag..

Gals gosta have a tampon bag..

If you’re not familiar with this televisual masterpiece, let me break it down. Two rich girls, Ally Hilfiger (daughter of Tommy – that nautical fashion designer) and Jaime Gleicher (apparently her father, Leo Gleicher, founded Innovation Luggage – awesome) fart around New York (or wherever they are VAY-CAYing) – it’s basically the Kardashians, but with way less editing, and just relies on their personalities and witty banter *side eye*. To be honest, you’d be better reading an out-dated MTV page about them. You can read about their favourite TV shows (Sex & The City) and what they like about each other (money). They saunter about New York, going to places I’ve never heard of, or will ever be allowed to visit, because of their shoe / verbal abuse policy, smoking up a storm, bitching about how tough their lives are and going to expensive clothing stores and buying the ugliest shit they can see.

She actually said this btw.. For real.

She actually said this btw.. For real.

They have all the episodes on youtube, they’re all really shitty quality, but it doesn’t matter because, that’s what piracy was like in 2003.

Here are some of my key favourite moments and reasons Rich Girls made me the emotionally wealthy individual I am today:

  • Ally not understanding about Jaime’s depression, and getting angry about why she’d be depressed when everyone loves her and she has whatever she likes. Oh Ally.
  • Ally’s anxiety.
  • Jaime’s depression.
  • Smoking and drinking.
  • Ally’s high bun.
  • Jaime’s small handbags – she had one for every occasion.
  • When Jaime was given a Sex & The City book, and she treasured it.
  • The soundtrack.
  • Ally throwing up on a boat.
  • Jaime’s face.
  • When they go to London with their “friend” Liz.
  • The fact Ally gets all the good looking guys.
  • Fashion in 2003

Ally Hilfiger is now in AA and she and Jaime are no longer friends.

I think this was about a boy..

I think this was about a boy..

[Originally posted on Gr7 – Here’s to you Rachel Robinson]

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