• Finally solving the mystery of where Binmen go if their caught short 

  • Zombie screenings in shopping centres


They should screen Deep Blue Sea in an aquarium, One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest in a mental asylum and Pretty Woman in a brothel.

  • Ellens brilliant impressions

No, but seriously guys, who am I?

No, but seriously guys, who am I?*

  • House of Cards

Kevin Spacey is a southern belle politician who speaks directly to the camera!

Kevin Spacey

(To camera)

Watch me trick this darn tooting cattywampus into getting me a coffee then making them think it was their idea BAHAHAHAHA.

Kevin Spacey

Sorry for yawning, I am fixin to be tired. I didn’t get my fill of hoecake and ice tea this morning. I wish there was some kind of hot beverage I could drink which would pick me up which I can not get for my darn dooting self due to my tired knees.

Some Chump

Do you want me to get you a coffee?

*Spacey looks at camera*

  • The Stoker soundtrack

Young Wombs loves a good sexual awakening tale, especially when it involves an Uncle.

  • This. 

simon pegg stripping

  • Tom Hanks doing a Bill Murray

It's all fun and games until you realise he is in anaphylactic shock

HAHAHAHA Wait. Is he breathing?


  • When soy milk curdles in your coffee.

Why have us lactose intolerant folk gotta deal with these lumps of crap floating at the top of our cafe lattes? Did we learn nothing from Rosa Parks?

  • Naturally blonde people dying their hair brown.

Not even for a film part! Out of choice!

  • Stoker doing worse at the box office then Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters

Hmmmm it says I

Hmmmm it says “you guys are a bag o dicks”

  • Tom Hardy kissing these puppies instead of my puppies.


Those are the wrong puppies Tom! THE WRONG PUPPiES

  • Joss Whedon releasing a trailer for Much Ado about Nothing.

“Let’s totally remake much Ado About Nothing at my Uncles vineyard! YAYAYAYAYA”

  • Women who wear make up to the gym.

Seriously? What the hell are you doing here? Stop pretending to work out and work out or better yet fuck off the treadmill so I can run on it until the mascara I didn’t take off two days ago its streaming down my face, into my eyes and making me look like i’m crying. Which I PROBABLY AM. 

*It was Walter White. 2 phones? COME ON.

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