Battle Star Galactica: Where are they now?

The man on the street (picture of man on street) is always asking me why my twitter handle @ellenstarbuck advocates a tax avoiding evil coffee franchise.

I point out it’s SO OBVS a Battlestar Galactica reference.

“It’s not like it’s @ellenstarbucks is it?” I retort, flipping him off.

“That’s the kind of tired inclusive nerd reference which I, the man on the street, hate, only designed to make you feel superior with your supposed selective knowledge of what is actually a pretty mainstream passion. It was referenced on Portlandia for god sake. I am only confused because it is so close in name to the coffee franchise. Now who is the idiot?”

“Whatevz loser, you own a suit and have a pension. NERD POWER.”

Or is that geek power?

I don’t know anymore.

But... but...I have a mac and I like Battlestar!

But… but…I have a mac and I like Battlestar….

Anyway, when my obsession with Ronald D Moore’s rebooted BSG was at it’s height, I was planning on getting this tattooed on my body.


Still so tempted…

I zoomed through the episodes faster then I have ever zoomed through Dexter, Game of Thrones, Angel, Newsroom or Community and I still argue it was the best TV show since Buffy and Firefly. I rewatch it with scary determination.

I had a t shirt made with “re-elect Gauis Balter” written on it.

I went to a BSG exhibition and hung out with a viper.

You can't tell but I am crying.

You can’t tell but I am crying.

But it finished a long time ago, and I need to move on.

But I struggle.

Especially when my whole model for the perfect woman is represented by Katee Sackoff aka Kara Thrace aka Starbuck. I liked the ill thought out way she handled things.  She taught me if in doubt then frack, gamble, face punch, commit suicide, drink, marry a robot and become a ghost.

But I also can’t move on until I know the whole gang, Apollo, Baltar, Adama, Roslin, Chief etc have also moved on and managed to find employment after the show.

Like Sarah Michelle Gellar they don’t want to be typecast, remembered for one character, they should have glittering film careers, stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, get parts in Ben Affleck movies and appear in TV shows as middle class middle aged parents peddling drugs in a subversive fish out of water story.

But how successful have their post show careers actually been….

(Spoiler. Not very.)


My formula for success is thus…

Would they get recognised on the street for something other then Battlestar?

lateshow 2 180308

“Hey Tricia Helfer, I loved your voiceover work in Mass effect 3.”

Adama/Edward James Olmos


What has he done since?

Adama popped up in CSI: America and  was the voice of El Diablo in Beverley Hills Chinchila, which I can only assume was a evil dog.

Although evil dogs are juicy roles, they are not quite as commanding as the terrifying yet awe inspiring Adama.

You wanted him to like you, pat you on the back and tell you “nice job” but was he ever the cold fish/father to Lee. No wonder he got so fat.

I loved Fat Lee

I heart Fat Lee

Olmos most notably appeared in the last season of  Dexter as Colin Hanks own Tyler Durden, and although creepy as a imaginary priest he was no John Lithgow. Frankly who is?

(You know when you ask people if they have seen Dexter, and there like “yeah, but I haven’t got to the fourth season yet,” and you’re like “just keep watching until Lithgow appears, and then try watching Third Rock from the Sun without thinking of him as being a sociopathic murderer rather then a delightfully confused alien,” and their like “thanks for ruining it for me,” and your like “oh.”)


Stick o Rock?

 Has he been better in anything since Battlestar?

Meh. Nah.

Laura Roslin/Mary McDonnell

What has she done since?

"I am right about everything"

God, I hated THIS FACE. This was the “I am listening but your opinion is wrong” face. You were not right about everything Roslin. Only nearly everything.

I knew her as the mum in Donnie Darko before BSG so it took me a while to accept her as Roslin, and not just Donnies mum in space.

But apparently she was in Scream 4? I saw that film. No recollection of her in it. Oh and Grey’s anatomy. I remember her in that, I don’t know what she did though. Probably pissed off Grey by being professional instead of a big emotional ball of stupid nonsense who monologued Nicholas Sparks style platitudes over each episode.  Saying vague things does NOT make you profound. It makes you Russell Grant.

Has she been better in anything since Battlestar?

When bad surgeons happen to good people

When bad surgeons happen to good people

Well…apparently she was in The Closer (apparently is code for “I have never watched this show”) and now her character Captain Sharon Raydor has her own spin off called Major Crimez.

So she probably has a whole other load of fans who are like “who the fuck is Laura Roslin, to me she is Captain Sharon Raydor.”

Kara Thrace/Katee Sackhoff

Kara Thrace

Kara Thrace

What has she done since?

She has a nasty tendency to appear in shows that get cancelled right after she is cast. So she was in 24 as Freddie Prince Jnrs wife (DID SHE LEARN NOTHING FROM SARAH MICELLE GELLAR.) Cancelled. She was in Nip/Tuck as some kind of devious sexy nurse. Cancelled. She booked a dentist appointment for a root canal. Cancelled.

Also did a CSI, and some voice work for Spiderman and Batman, alongside Bryan Cranston and Ryan from the OC.

Batman and Blackcat

Batman and Blackcat

She popped up in Big Bang Theory and Robot Chicken as Kara Thrace, so I respect her dedication to her fan base, but she hasn’t really broken out.

She has Haunting in Connecticut 2 coming up. But I don’t hold much hope. I went to Connecticut. It wasn’t scary. Sigh Katee.

Has she been better in anything since Battlestar?

No. But in some ways I blame myself for that.

Apollo/Jamie Bamber


What has he done since?

He was in Law and Order:UK for three years.

I had no idea there was a Law and Order:UK. Bradley Walsh was in it. No?

After that he popped up in the beige Dollhouse with old viper buddy Tahmoh Penikett and the deeply uncharismatic Eliza Dushka. Lucky for him he was only in one tedious nothing of an episode.

He also did a stint in CSI Miami. Standard. (YAWN)

Is there a list of “go to” gigs for actors post cult show success, and does Joss Whedon have first dibs on them all?

“No, I will find them a vehicle.”

Then it’s the CSI team. Then Closer/Criminal Minds/Greys Anatomy/ Missing Without a Trace/The Mentalist and any sequel to a horror film ever.

Oh and Staw Wars. Jamie did a voice in Star Wars.

Although he is turning up in this medical drama “Monday Mornings,” and Dr Octovia is in it AND its created by David E Kelley.

But it seems to be set in space, or at least in what was left at the end of Never Ending Story.

Oh wait, that’s just lazy imagery about religion and falling from grace. Bound to be a hit.

Has he been better in anything since Battlestar?

Noooooo way.

Gaius Baltar/James Callis

What has he done since?

He’s 41! Really? What elixir of youth has he been tapping?

I knew James as the stereotyped homosexual in Bridget Jones Diary LONG before I knew him as Gaius.


So for me he had already made it once he starred in a show where he wasn’t some kind of token character….

BUT after BSG he went straight back into the murky world of television and starred in the now defunct FlashForward.

Remember when that was the best show EVA for about two minutes? You thought Joseph Fiennes might get another shot at the big time, didn’t you? But then everyone got really bored after they got the central premise. It’s odd how that works in television. It’s like the writers go “WE HAVE A HIGH CONCEPT EXCITING IDEA FOR A SHOW.” And the network is like “GREAT! Sounds GREAT! Don’t tell us how it unfolds, or how you plan to keep that level of intrigue up! Just made 24 episodes, and we will catch you at the premiere.”


Anyway he came home and did Merlin and Midsomer Murders, which is the British equivalent to CSI, as well as starring in A Town Called Eureka for quite a while.

Remember, if I never bothered watching it, then it doesn’t count.

He is soon to be in Arrow which I hear is smashing ratings all over the place and sounds positively dreadful. But in a dirty addictive way. I think he will actually continue to have a good career, be understated and not leading man esque, but he will pay the bills and some people will know him for being more then Baltar. He will be like James Marsden.

He seems to make smart decisions.


Has he been better in anything since Battlestar?

Nah, but he’ll be fine. I don’t worry about him.

Six/Tricia Helfer

What has she done since?

Well, her and Katee are bessie mates, and go on road trips together to raise money for charity. They call themselves “The Acting Outlaws.”

Acting Outlaws Images 2013

They remind me a lot of myself and Emily.

We are always putting our middle fingers up at each others, hanging around in our strapless bras and riding our bikes to Taunton together for good causes.

Tricia has done a lot of stuff, none of it very interesting, mostly involving her in very little clothing, showing us how ripped her abs are, or being in Lawyer type situations with Josh Lucas.

Has he been better in anything since Battlestar?

No. Just hanging out in the desert with Katee.


It's for charitee

It’s for charitee

What have I learnt?

I have learnt how many shows there are on American television with law enforcement/lawyer/forensic/detective plots.

About 500.

I have also found lots of pictures of the cast in barely any clothing.

I have learnt nothing.

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