Weird Stuff I did when I was younger which I thought was normal

  • Suggesting the school started a Star Trek: The Next Generation fan club

  • I proposed weekly screenings, a newsletter and the chance to look at my “From the Desk of Jean Luc Picard” headed writing pad   and touch my federation pin. No one was up for it.
  • Talking to the TV newsreaders and thinking they could hear me.
  • Melting chocolate, remoulding it (keeping the square shape but having carved my initials into it) refreezing it and then offering it to my family, claiming I made chocolate. They weren’t interested.
  • Giving all my My Little Ponies admin based jobs. They involved the organisation of fetes and discos for the pony village. Apart from Todd the Pony. He didn’t have a job, he was just a punk who hung around breaking the other ponies hearts. You know how I knew he was a punk? He had a heart tattooed on his butt.


  • Letting my brother put all my Barbie’s in a car and drive them off a “cliff.” He said they were going for a ride.
  • He threw them down the stairs. DSC00894
  • Riding a duvet down the stairs and going face first into the door. Doing it again, but with more people.
  • Smearing myself in blackberries and running into the house pretending I had had a severe accident. My mum was all like “Why are you covered in purple shit?” I was like “MA, I FELL OVER, THIS IS BLOOD.”
  • Mixing all my water paint colours together in an attempt to invent a new colour.
  • Breaking the handle of a mug and gluing it back on with Pritt Stick before carefully putting it back in the cupboard. Being like “SOMEONE BROKE A MUG! BUTTERFINGERS! YOUR SO CLUMSY!” when my mum took it out and it immediately shattered.
  • Being given five pounds to buy a sandwich for lunch and spending it all on fudge.
  • Refusing to sit on anything but a space hopper at the table. The space hopper burst and I went face first into a plate, chipping my two front teeth.
  • Microwaving ice pops until they exploded.
  • Eating only microwavable food. Including kebabs and bacon.
  • Recording myself reading my favourite Sweet Valley High book so I could listen to it at bedtime. Growing impatient when I realised the first chapter took up a whole side of tape.
  • Reading my diary out to a friend and not skipping the entry where I described why I didn’t like her.
  • She made fun of my “which boy do I have the biggest crush on” pie chart.
  • And the way I spelt diary Dairy 


  • Stuffing my top with socks, putting on my mums shoes and standing in front of the mirror putting on lipstick and talking about all the people I didn’t like at the office.
  • Insisting on entering the Butlins talent competition with a dance to There’s No Limit by 2 Unlimited. Having to sing The White Cliffs of Dover instead when my friend dropped out.
  • Wanting to win the talent competition so we could win another holiday in Butlins.


  • Pretending to have an invisible friend because my best friend had one.

2 thoughts on “Weird things I did when I was younger which I thought were normal

  1. I totally forgot to put in that I use to pretend to draw people. I would look at them with a sheet of paper in front of as though i were referring to their face for reference, but would actually draw a tree or cat instead.

  2. I once made my parents sit through a series of interpretive dances I devised to Holst’s The Planets. They were partially themed around the 90s X-Factor superhero team.

    I also pretended I had a strong superstition about walking/standing between two mirrors, even though I didn’t. I thought it made me interesting.

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